About Us

Two sisters and their mother hen.

My sister Rachel came up with this idea to have a place where we can share our lives with each other and inspire one another with the things we hold dear in life. Our challenge is to post one thing a day...picture, saying, link, anything we love. And sometimes just to have some fun. We hope by sharing with one another we can then in turn inpire the world!

the mother hen:
The one who started it all! Our Mom is truly an inspiring woman. She is creative, loving, giving, a wonderful cook, a master gardener and loves each one of her 6 children! She can do just about anything she sets her mind on. She has an eye for fashion and decorating that is out of this world! But we are all three best friends and it is so fun to share our lives together!
She began blogging long before this at...

The firstborn chick:
Trying to be ok in a very imperfect world, watching in wonder at life unfold, and loving my family so much that at times it's painful. I am constantly looking for beauty, acceptance, and friendship. And I'm always striving to improve in all aspects of life. My husband is my best friend and my mom and sister are too and I'm so glad we three girls started this project together. I hope we grow in this experience. I hope we can learn from each other and deepen our appreciation of life together.

The other sister chick:
According to my husband, I am the most beautiful woman in the whole world . My four year old says, I don't want any other mom than you. And my 9 month old baby is crazy about me. This all makes me one lucky girl! I love anything beautiful, creative, and inspiring. I love the idea of everything you love to be in one place...thats why we decided to create this.