Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Steps

Hey Girls!  Well Garnet decided to take her first steps on Fathers Day!!!  She is so adorable, she is still being pretty cautious though, which is fine with me!  Just thought I would share this momentous occasion......

  Grace, her friend Kennadi, and I made home made chapsticks in assorted flavors, so fun.  Do you remember giving this to me many years back Mom?  Ive used it before, but we got it out the other day and it was perfect!  Hmm...there is one with and S and one with an R on it?  Hmm.

So hard to not eat the chalk, it just looks so yummy, but she was trying to color too!

Wanted to share these pictures from the day we took Graces' pony to her school for all her friends to enjoy.  It was back in May I think.  There was also a visit from a "Cowboy Bob".

Just loved this mag cover

couldn't pass up sharing this cutie from Swirl.com

Love to you girls!  Can't wait for next week!!


  1. i was so glad to see garnet taking those first wobbling steps and then some pretty awesome stable steps too. it was wonderful being together.
    thank you for our very own lip balm.
    i love sidewalk chalk days...of course some it goes in the mouth.
    i am sure grace loved every minute of the cowboy bob and the day her pony came to her school...what lovely memories that precious girl will have.
    i could live in the mag cover...it is perfect.
    just ordered a couple of things from swirl.com on everything is $29 day.

    we loved spending time together esther. you are one creative momma and what a blessing to your children.
    love you so much.

  2. Mag cover...love it!! the cowboy bob pictures were so good, i mean soooo good, miss you guys, love the blog, I love seeing Garnet walk, it's so exciting those first steps.