Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gwynevere's 1st Blog

One reason I like to go to Chic Fil to get

This is my lucky toe, I have to have a little

nailpolish on it and then I am able to score goals.

This is what I got at Kathy's party...a bug bite.

This is what I got at Kathy's party too. They

are cool laterns. They are my night light now.
They stayed lit all night long. And they are still



Speedy - looking like an Egyptian cat.

These two pictures are me taking pictures of


This is part of my cape that I like to wear in the

morning (mom's old dress).

This is my principle book for school when me

Elle play school.

Here is a fun soap bottle that I made from

scrap ribbons and a hand soap bottle.


  1. Gwyne!! I'm so glad you joined us blogging! I love your first post! I'm so glad you shared things about your day to day life. Who is Kathy? A friend from school. We went to a birthday party yesterday too, it was a friend from Grace's school named Gracie. She had a lot of fun because they had two bounce houses there and a big slide! I love your lucky toe, so cute! And the soap bottle is awesome. I love you so much, you are so beautiful and full of amazing ideas and I am so glad you shared them. Me and Rachel used to play school together too, I don't think we had such a cool principles folder though! See you soon.

  2. gwyne....this is awesome! i love that you are joining in on blogging with all us girls. it is so much fun to see what you are up.
    i didn't know you had a lucky toe. that is way cool. i have an unlucky toe. i have broken it so many times i can't keep count.
    you have a great imagination...making up school folders and the soap bottle out of ribbon, seeing your cat like an egyptian, the cape you like to wear(does that mean you are a superhero?)
    you are pretty good at the self portraits too.
    chickfila is one of our favourite places too but especially when someone is giving out cool balloons. i love the cow...i think he needs to join us out here on the farm.
    love you glad you are blogging. <3marmee