Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hey Mom and Esther,

I'm just so thankful for you two.


Our visit to your house in Florida was such a time to be treasured. I love you, your amazing daughters, your home. Your husband is pretty cool too but since he wasn't there that week this is not about him. Your home is really beautiful, all the personal touches that you add make it such a great home. I can learn so much from you. You are such an amazing, creative, giving person. You always inspire me to be creative and you inspire me to be a more patient, giving mom. You are one of my best friends as well as my sister and I love that.

I love that we had craft day and tie-dyed and made clips that you designed. I love that we walked around your neighborhood with all the girls, the dogs, the stroller, and the neighbor girl and her kitten and I love that we talked about the houses and the yards and the people that lived there. I love that we ate at Sonny's and Outback in the same week and even that we ate Outback twice. Thanks mom for treating us to that second Outback dinner. I loved that we worked out by doing yoga, belly dancing, and hip hop. We still do that belly dancing routine from time to much fun. I love the thrill we all got when Garnet gave us a hug. I love that we cooked so many meals together. I love that dad and Kathy came over and that it wasn't akward with them there at the same time as mom. I love that you took the time to just take Ellery to ride the pony. I love that as the week went on Gracie and Garnet warmed up to me and we started to bond . I love that last day when Garnet went from your arms to mine and was happy to see me and play with me. I love you girl and I was so glad to be with you for a week.

Thank you for everything Esther!




  1. beautiful words, beautiful thoughts, and beautiful memories made together.

  2. Oh Rach, what kind words you have to say to me! It makes my heart very glad to know you enjoyed your stay here at my home. I was hoping and praying it would turn out as good as it did for the weeks before. Having you as a sister makes my life so much better!! I just love having you guys here, every second of it! I really could have gone another week, month, well let just say it wasn't enough! I was not ready as you might have though to have you leave in the least bit! Grace and I looked at each other after you pulled out the day you went home, and just cried.
    Almost everyday, I pray that I can just load up the girls and jump in the car for ten minutes and be at your doorstep. Heck, I would do an hour! And then head on over to moms!
    Garnets birthday party was great on Sunday. But I still couldn't help but think something was missing. You Rachel, and Mom. I guess they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well I would take a little less fond if I could be a quick trip away from my two best girl pals.

  3. That did look like an amazing meal by the way! I want to replicate tell?!