Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garnets County Fair 1st Birthday Party

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  1. oh my word! i love everything about it. every details is amazing. it also looks like everyone is having a great time. the food is laid out so nicely and looks so good. i love the pinwheels in the jars...then all the first place ribbons all around. the hats....soooooo cute. the banner that welcomes you what a great idea and love the way you stiched it at the top. the homemade carmel corn looks so good and made a beautiful display as well. i love the wooden chalk boards that brad helped with...what a great party favour and something the kids will always remember. the red and blue buckets of ice on the piano bench brilliant. there are just so many details that are unbelievably cute and add so much to the overall theme. i am in love with them all. what a wonderful job you did to celebrate garnet's first birthday. this will be fondly remembered by all who attended. it was nice to see tracy made it. was aunt susan there? garnet looked precious in her dress and her very own birthday hat. i loved seeing her eat her cupcake, fishing for ducks, opening her gifts(with a little help). i am sure she was delighted with all that she could see and be a part of. grace looked so cute..did she changed a few times?
    esther you did this up beautifully. i am so glad you enjoy being creative and let it shine for your children. i love you.
    i only wish i could have been there. i love my girls.