Thursday, May 5, 2011

loving spring

who doesn't love lying in the green blades of fresh spring grass.
who doesn't love to pick a dandelion and with the lightest of breath
blow the seeds into the wind and watch them twinkle in the sunlight.
who doesn't like to see things come to life and radiate with colour.

i know i do and so spring as sprung around here on the farm.
spring has been very wet so far. and although i have alllergies
i am enjoying the beauty of the days and the coolness of the evenings.

this spring has been filled with every spring.
we got our fourth raised bed planted out with tomatoes ' black prince',
two types of basil, 'sweet genovese' and 'red rubin', red onions, two lavenders, 'hycote' and 'english', also "new to me" aster, 'purple sunset' (which is in the daisy family.)

dad and i went to the bloom N garden show at the ag center a
few weekends ago and found some things to bring back to the garden.

i love this maiden fern for it's delicacy and airiness.

the white bacopa has been seen in a lot of places this spring.
i found this beautiful antique copper light fixture and thought it
was perfect as a planter for the bacopa.

two gorgeous clematis...found at kroger....of all places has
been planted on the front picket fenced in area now housing our
raised beds and being called the victory garden. see how positive i
am being. since we moved here four years ago, the front yard has been
an eyesore but it is finally taking shape these days. it finally has a purpose.
that makes all the difference.

spring is full of chores, working hard, but oh the rewards are these delicate bell flowers in oh so light lavender with
their sweet star~like center.

i hope you girls are taking it all in the birds, bees, blooms, beautiful days.
happy springtime~!
also just want to wish you two a wonderful mother's both make being a mother very rewarding, fulfilling, and a blessing. i am so intrigued to watch you become the women you have, with dignity, grace, and your extreme love for family. i am proud to be your mom~a and your children's, marmee. you are amazing and beautiful moms.
esther and brad

garnet and grace

rachel, eric, gwyne, and ellery.

i love you and your wonderful families.


  1. gardening pictures...just divine! "Divinity!" as I believe Amy said it. And thank you Mom for the sweet comments. I am so glad to have you as my Mom!! I love you!

  2. yes divinity! thank you so much. i love you.

  3. I love the antique copper light fixture with the bacopa in it...very cool idea. Thanks for the sweet post about us being moms, it is the hardest yet most wonderful job in the world, isn't it? I'm so glad to have you two to go to when I need mommy advice. Love you girls!