Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thrift Store Finds and Other Loves

This post is chalked full! I know its a lot of information but I just didn't want to separate it because it is all on my mind right now. First off, I think I've told you Marmee and Rach that I have been stopping by a few thrift stores in town. There is one called Interfaith where I hit the jackpot. I must have picked up 20 or more items for $12!  I fear becoming a "junk" collector so I tried to pick things I knew for sure I would use, mostly for crafty projects!

I might go back and get this 80's bold purple frumpy polka dot dress I saw as well.   There was this great idea to revamp an old skirt on the Martha Stewart Show where she featured the two girls from Some Odd Rubies If you get a chance to DVR Martha's show this week (Halmark Channel) its all about vintage fashion! Here is the link for the tutorial of the  DIY dress I'm so gonna make!

Just some of the thrift store finds..... 

an adorable quilt, my new picnic blanket

an old rumper pattern, I'm going to do the shorts version


For Grace's barbie collection, she wanted to paint it purple

I think I will make a fabric scrap wreath like the one below, an idea I got from The Cottage Home

Another find by Grace.  We will paint this something fun too.

On to other happenings and things around the house...... 

Love seeing a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies together......its like candy to a kid.  I just joined an organic produce pickup twice a month.

What I made last night.
My neighbor gave me some mint clippings....aw fresh!
I love all the wonderful projects my Grace brings home to me from Pre-K.

This beautiful bouqet she made by tracing her hands.

Okay, this is the first part of a series of decor I am making for the girls bathroom.  Grace collected these muscles at the lake we go to often.  I painted a piece of wood and hot glued them on in the shape of a flower.  I'm going to make more "under the sea" themed pieces to hang. 

by Esther Pagh
I know this is a lot of stuff, but like I said its all in my brain right now and it's actually nice to write it all down and organize it like this.  These are the rough draft sketches of a character in a childrens book I am working on.  I don't want to reveal anything else right now so as not to spoil it for future readers!  I'm really excited about it though!

Per request of Marmee, I needed to post some updates of the growing munchkin.......

Beach days  and babies sleeping, don't have to say anything more than that!
Garnet loves looking at the traveling shoes that change all the time at the front door.  Yesterday she was fixated on Daddies work boots.
She loves fresh veggies too!
a shot of my four new teeth, soon to be six!
her new fav face
We all love our daily walks in the neighborhood
no matter the time or place....eating, eating is so much fun!

I just added this video for fun.  Just her playin around.

Finished!  On to my littles ones and oh...all the projects!  The dishes can wait.


  1. thanks for all the pictures of garnet and the video. i love watching her expressions. she is full of personality. that little dress is so cute that she is wearing. did you make it?
    seeing the fresh veggies all together is like viewing a piece of art. i love that you found a co~op to be a part of. were those quesadillias? they looked amazing. a little glass of red wine and those would be great.
    i love the quilt for impromptu picnics or just sitting in the sun with the girls. it's great. at this time of the year i throw a quilt into the car in case we want to stop with drive~thru or take out or if we want to stop at the parkway for a lay on the grass. you will love having that cushy quilt to use. i love love love the idea of the fabric wreath especially with all your beautiful scraps of fabric. i look forward to seeing what you do with this.
    love the purple adirondack chair for the barbies. what an interesting looking basket...great find grace...she's got an eye for stuff for sure.
    did rachel tell you we went to goodwill and to an antique dealers the other day. it was fun and we both found some things.
    maybe we will have to post them, too.

    i can not wait to see what you do with this book idea. i really love the idea of the story line. i think it will be appealing to many little girls. the rough draft pictures are great. i especially love the bigs eyes. reminds me of garnet. bring them when you come too and we can work on them.

    i am so happy you are getting so many wonderful ideas to work on and your creative juices are flowing...i love when that happens. it's just a matter of having the time to accomplish it all. you will have to pace yourself and prioritize.

    we are so looking forward to your visit in june. can't wait to see my two baby girls and love on them.

  2. Garnet's video is the icing on the cake of this blog. Gwyne says Garnet will love carrots when she gets older. Ellery just kept saying: "She's so cute, I can't watch it anymore because she is just so cute." Gwyne is sitting here with me as I make a comment, she wants to contribute to our blog too. She says she is going to go take pictures so she can do a blog. Gwyne also says: "Esther, I hope you come up this summer or we get to come down there."

    Your thift store finds are really cool. I absolutely love the quilt. It makes you think how could someone get rid of it in the first place. I want to see that purple polka dot dress, I think you said you went back and bought it right?

    I'm so glad you joined a co-op, your veggies and fruits looked really really good. And the children's book looks very intriguing. You are one talented girl, Est. Gwyne says she wants a copy of your book when you get it done..that's a given...:)

    Garnet is the cutest littlest delicious muchikin in the world. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and the video. We have watched it over and over. Love you guys so much!!

  3. Hey Girls! Thanks for all the feedback, I love that we get to see glimpses into each others daily lives! I LOVE hearing from Gwyne and Elle too, my sweets!! I cannot wait to have them in my arms in a couple weeks. Mom, I did not make Garnets dress but she just had it passed down from a friend so its new. I would love to see what yall found on your hunts too! I did not go back and get the purlple dress but I hope to soon if its still there. If not, maybe I'll find something else just as cute! I love you girls so much!