Saturday, April 16, 2011

A day of things I'm thankful for.......

A really beautiful bag that my very creative sister made, it makes me smile everytime I see it in my purse holding my treasured camera.

My coffee cup at work, found in cupboards of the communal kitchen and confiscated as my own. It holds just the right amount of coffee and creamer for a morning cup of coffee.

I'm thankful for the beautiful pillows on my couch. The yellow one is defintely my favorite.

Thankful for swinging with my daughter, the beautiful weather and sky. The view is great from the swing, you see the sky and have a few moments to look upside down.

Flip Flops and the weather to wear them.


  1. this makes me is so you. i love that anything from flip flops to your girl swinging makes you thankful. lovely photos...each one.

  2. Wow! So many good things in one place! I just love this Rach, its going to be so fun and it is already!

  3. I know this is fun already!! Thanks you two beautiful people for your nice comments!!