Monday, April 18, 2011

Everyday I Get a Chance to Be a Mom

I love anything pink, matching outfits, sunshine, and being near water.
All on a Sunday afternoon.

I love having my whole family close and in the same location doing something together.

When I get a chance, I relish the time I get to do something creative inspired by God (and with the help of some people on Etsy)

God is good.


  1. isn't it great to be with your family. your precious family is such a blessing to me and everyone you encounter. i love these photos of the girls having fun. i too love the sun, family times, being close to the water.
    the crown for your friend looks adorable. it is just perfect. you got it so right. are you gonna make for garnet's first birthday? i think you should.

  2. Oh Est, I love your post. I love anything pink too (might even be be my fav color)!! I love your family pictures and the girls are as precious as ever. I'm glad to see you in your bathing suit out in the water, wish we could be there too. What's the story behind the crown? It looks amazing!

  3. Thanks girls, I just love taking pictures of my two beauties as I am sure you fully understand! Thanks for the compliments on the crown. Since I was working with and fascinated by felt, Mom sent me a link for this girl who was making very similar birthday crowns on Etsy. So, I decided to give it a test run for a friend who's baby was turning one. I loved the way it turned out and its so soft and perfect for little ones. I will definately be making one for Garnets first birthday in July! I am so excited! We will surely have a pool party, under-the-sea style! Who wants to come??!!