Sunday, April 17, 2011


...on my shoulders makes me happy.
i am always so glad when the sun makes it's appearance.
the last two days have been dreary, cold, rainy, and windy.
i call that yucky weather.
the more i live here in tennessee the more i think the sun
must be my muse. i perk up in the sunshine. i find hope
is easier when the sun is shining. my creativity levels
go way up when the sun shines on me.
i am so grateful today that the sun decided to come and visit.
i really needed a big dose of it today.
it's been a great day to be in the garden.
seeing my veggie garden start to grow is such a sign of hope.
happy springtime.


  1. Mom, it definitely fits that you would start this blog with pictures of your garden and talking of the sun and gorgeous weather. Your flower/garden/nature pictures get better by the day. That yellow and purple flower is amazing to look at....what kind is it?

  2. yep know me. i love all that is nature and outside. that yellow flower is an african daisy astra called sunset purple. it is part of the aster family and a good companion plant to add with your veggies. i feel for it the minute i saw it. already have some other asters in the garden but added two of these.

  3. I know what you mean Mom, the sun is just so toasty... it warms you from the outside in. It's like drinkin a cup of hot tea on a cold day except times 10! I love those purple, and then the yellow and purple Astra's. In that lighting, they illuminate. Amazing. I think I want to put that 3rd picture on the sidebar its so great.