Sunday, April 24, 2011

let us rejoice

and be glad in it. life is wonderful and full of good things.
happy easter girls.
i love you both.


  1. I love you too! Happy Easter! God is good! I love the beauty that you capture through your lens. We are surrounded by such beautiful things. Even though life is hard I'm very happy to be able to live and experience the beauty of life.

  2. thanks rachel. i love you too. we are so blessed to live in this kind of beauty.

  3. I love you too Mom and Rachel! Rachel said it best, you are able to capture the beauty of everything around you! I love to see Abbey flying the kite! So fun, Grace got one in her Easter basket that we will be enjoying as well.

  4. thank you esther...i love you. it is great being able to use the camera to capture what i love to do and see. abbey and dad had a great afternoon flying the kite. i will be looking forward to seeing photos of grace flying hers.